a really knowledgeable guide

" … Elias is a guide who knows Greece really well. He know sights and roads in great detail. With so many thousands of kilometers on motorcycles, he is a very experienced rider too! So, he is able to make every tour enjoyable and safe.

Ilias Vrohidis, R.T.W. Bike Traveler,
Johannesburg South Africa
Awarded by Jupiter’s Traveler's  through the "Ted Simon Foundation"

Brilliant experience

7 days, Beautiful Greek Alps Adventure Round Tour

"… travelling almost always alone, i had a great and unexpected brilliant experience in my first guided trip. Nothing to think about and perfect combination of hospitality friendship and knowledge all included under the name Elias. Travelling with him is strongly recommended."

Paschalis Tsal, Salonica GR

Experience for a long time

Evia, Magnesia & Thessaly Adventure Tour

" …The whole trip far exceeded my expectations! It was a pleasure for me to meet such an interesting person like Ilias. A great tour leader, guide and a great guy! Hope to travel with you again! Cheers Bill…"

Bill Heap

R.T.W. motorcycle traveler

The right man for the right job

10 days Peloponnese, Cephalonia & Lefkada island tour

" …"with a vast of experience on moto touring. I strongly recommended"

Robert Alexander Brorens
R.T.W. motorcycle traveler, Holland

I just wanted to thank you for the awesome trip...

Evia's island Tour

"I just wanted to thank you for the awesome trip. It was very clear that you put a lot of time and effort into these tours. The routes you sent us on were breathtaking, the hotels and restaurants first class. Cheers"

Gregory Benson, San Francisco, CA, USA

The best !

 Beautiful Peloponnese Adventure Tour

" … He is by far the best tour guide you've ever had the privilege to meet. He is extremely knowledgeable, and he very quickly tuned in to specific interests, so it really would became a tailor made experience. 

A very pleasant person to interact, Ilias was always eagerly elaborating on every detail I laid my eyes on. In my opinion, he is THE guide to turn to for any of your tours!... "

Helen Mantz,
Birmingham, United Kingdom

The tour far exceeded our expectations

Greek Alps Private Guided Adventure Tour
" … "Great trip ... guide is excellent, bikes were in good shape, rides were both on and off road and the Pindus mountains Rides and road pass were killer!.. "

Ken & Margaret Harrison,
USA California

The best motorcycle tour guide

Private Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tour at Central Greece

" … I am not the most experienced guy on group riding and I was a bit afraid in the beginning but that doesn't really matter with that guy. He made everything look easy and safe. There wasn't one single time that I got afraid. He is very friendly with a huge amount of information's about the history of the places we visited. Very pleasant and fun. Definitely the tour guide I will contact for my next trip!..."

Giagiako Alex, Photographer, Blogger, Oslo Norway

with the top guide guy

10days, Road "Routes of Water and Wine" Guided Moto Tour

"… So you want someone to not only show you the way to visit a variety of places but you need a general purpose guide.. You want to know where is the cleanest gas station, the restaurant which combines quality with price, the hotels which combines price luxury and availability… then you need Mr. motorcycle miracle ANDELI…"